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Casio G-SHOCK in adhering towards the by no means break the watch, the faith, continue to innovate, to its powerful traits embodied
within the style of each and every detail, but additionally created numerous sophisticated scientific and technological achievements,
such as the integration of radio reception and solar technologies, new G-SHOCK waves. Shape and function from the United states of
america and also the United states of america in among the MTG-1500, high-precision revolutionary ideal watch is, from inside to
outdoors, watch as 1, G-SHOCK will be the ideal high-end technologies reflects the evolution.
Cool feeling complete, powerful earthquake has been the primary traits of Casio G-SHOCK watch, these two elements may be stated to
become the ultimate. We see the MTG-1500 for additional scientific and technological achievements, with metal and resin, two various
numbers and pointer function and structure of supplies with each other, making its lightweight, powerful high-end technologies
characteristics. Even when you're in poor circumstances, felt strongly the atmosphere, you'll need not be worried about MTG-1500 s
potent characteristics, it has currently encountered your thoughts. To be able to attain a much better influence resistance impact, the
material above the pointer can also be the martial arts below the foot, utilizing a lightweight aluminum. Fixed needle bar to be able
to much better the connection, rolex yachtmaster the roots extremely closely via the unique style, as well as in between various combinations of little
components, are connected to extremely sophisticated and just correct. Obviously, possess MTG-1500 can also be the trend of style sense
Needless to say, black is usually probably the most traditional style sense, which will be the trend looks and sturdy so ideal mixture
of seismic overall performance, and show a technologies watch in their craft, It appears that only Casio G-SHOCK watch will probably be
As early as 1995, Casio watch has effectively created the very first radio watch, and in November 2008 to obtain the international
simultaneous release from the new international wave the sixth inning, top position within this area, within the radio and watch around
the improvement a brand new step forward. MTG-1500 as a brand new listing, the all-natural leader, who's also the Hi-Tech technologies,
can obtain radio and automatically right time, precise error-free, really high-precision timing. Wave type in pursuit of greater
overall performance and durability leather watches , to additional improve the trustworthiness from the motion, Casio wave type of the original
technologies Touch Motion resistance motion has momentum structure to make sure that the watch is shock tolerance. fashion watches Minimal ages three
pointer motion equipped with motor mixture to attain the energy and miniaturization, environmental philosophy may be noticed.
Additionally, each the comfort of multi-function and read the pointer watch display, the pointer position auto repair, 48 cities globe
time display function, a complete selection of care for your requirements. Ideal location, but additionally simply because the clasp
MTG-1500 can also be integrated in to the essence of science and technologies, brand LOGO etching, marking the protected resin, growing
the texture, to ensure that wearers place it down. MTG-1500 number of exceptional functions and ideal the ultimate show watch
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