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Uses of Edible Casein
Edible Casein can be used in following products:
Cereals, Vitamin and Mineral Tablets, Instant Drinks, Nutrition Foods, Pasta, Infant Nutrition, Sauces and Gravies, Soups and Stews, Bread, Cake Products, Sweet Goods and Pastries, Custard, Aquatic feeds, Ice Cream, Spreads Filling & Creams Puddings, Processed Cheese...

Uses of Technical/Industrial Casein
Technical/Insustrial Casein can be used in following products:
Glues, Cosmetics, Leather Chemicals, Paints, Plastics, Aluminium Foil, Safety Matches, Pigments, Coated Paper, Plywood Industry, Paper Cones, Paper tubes, Paper Chemicals.

Casein for High Speed Labelling
Casein is the most widely used adhesive type and when used on modern labeling machines, guarantees trouble-free, continuous economical operation even at the highest speeds.

Casein in Paint Industry
Casein can be painted on a variety of surfaces including wood and plaster. Whichever surface used, it must be a rigid one as casein is to brittle to paint on a flexible surface (such as canvas). Casein is also an emulsifier; this allows you to "combine oil and water”. There are two methods of using casein. In combination with pigments .Lime Casein and Borax Casein of the two, the borax casein is easier to use and suitable as an artist grade pigment binder. It is used to make such paints that are commonly known as distemper colors, but can also be used to make larger quantities of paint for interior wall paint applications.

Casein in Wood Industry
Casein glue is one of the older woodworking glues and is still popularly used. When mixed with water and alkali it forms a glue of moderately high dry strength and moderate resistance to water, damp atmospheres and intermediate temperatures. Casein is generally applied and pressed at room temperature.

Applications & Uses of Technical/Industrial Casein
Technical/Industrial Casein is used mainly as an adhesive and glue.
It is used in Paper cone Industry in bulk quantity for the purpose of to stick paper with cone. It is used in Adhesive Industry, Safety Matches Industry, Paint Industry, Leather Industry and Paper chemical Industry.

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  It is used in Papercone Industry in bulk quantity for the purpose of to...
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